Creative approach, high engineering capabilities and strict quality control are the cornerstones of Molek Lapidot worldview, contributing to its status as a leading entity in the field of electricity, communication and water supply solutions.
The accelerated development of these fields in recent decades presents fascinating challenges to the infrastructure industry. Molek Lapidot is proud to be known as one of the most prominent and influential figures in this sphere.
The vast majority of our products, created on the drafting tables in our R&D department were registered as patents in Israel and abroad.

The changes and developments in the industry in Israel and in the world had led Molek Lapidot to engage in another field of activity: electronic packaging and tin processing. This line of products serves the needs of the market and customers in this dynamic and highly active sector.

This technological advancement allows us to present creative and effective solutions for the various needs occurring in the field.
All of the Molek Lapidot products are being manufactured in a modern, state-of-the-art factory covering an area of 3,500 sq.m. in the Segula industrial Zone, Petach Tikva.

The production system is based on extensive automation, while operating the most advanced equipment and machinery in the world.
Our rigorous quality control process starts from the moment of raw material procurement. We select the most reliable and professional suppliers, with thorough examination of the material characteristics, including the coating quality.

The entire manufacturing process is supervised and controlled according to the highest standards, in order to ensure that the end product is fully complied with a line of criteria in terms of quality and safety.
We’re committed to the ISO 9001:2000 standards and operate accordingly throughout the production and quality control stages.

Over the course of the company’s forty years of existence, the executives are constantly acting to implement proactive and ground breaking management method. We see our role not only as suppliers of products based on the market demands, but also as consultants and accompaniers to our customers. The experts of Molek Lapidot in the area of planning and marketing are working as a team to come up with ideas and develop them, sided by engineers, planners, contractors and field personnel. We devote plenty of resources to operate a professional service system, creating friendly interface to cooperate with the client on every level and every stage.

The inventory of products we have in our warehouses is large and varied, in order to provide a suitable and immediate response to the demands of the customers in all sectors and all-around Israel.

As part of our way of providing full and comprehensive service to our customers, we operate a supply system, composed of a fleet of distribution trucks, transporting the products from our own warehouses and directly to those of the customers and to the construction sites.
Molek Lapidot company expects that the infrastructure field in the electricity and communication sector will continue its rapid development, posing new challenges in the future as well.

For us, this is a natural continuation of the creative and activity processes we used to undertaking.
For us, the future is already here.