About Us

Creative thinking, engineering capability, and stringent quality control are the cornerstone of Molek Lapidot’s worldview as a leading company in the infrastructure products in the electricity, communications, water, and solar energy industries.

The accelerated development of the communications, construction, and solar energy industries in recent decades presents interesting challenges for the infrastructures industry. Molek Lapidot is proud to be one of the leaders in this field. A large portion of our products was created on the drafting boards in our R&D Department and registered as patents in Israel and worldwide. This technological innovation makes it possible for us to present creative and effective solutions for the developing needs in the industry. All of Molek Lapidot’s products are manufactured at a state of the art, 3,500 square meter factory in the Segula Industrial Area in Petach Tikva. Our manufacturing layout is highly automated, employing some of the most advanced and newest equipment and machines in the world.

Our stringent quality control process starts with purchasing the raw materials. We choose the most trustworthy and professional vendors, while stringently checking the properties of the material, including the quality of the plating. The entire production process is supervised and controlled according to the highest standards to ensure that the final product adheres to several quality and safety criteria. We are committed to the ISO 9001:2000 standard throughout all stages of production and quality control.

Throughout the company’s thirty years, its founder and CEO, Mr. Ephraim Molek, has worked to implement an entrepreneurial and groundbreaking method of management. We strive not only to supply products according to market demands, but also to act as consultants and help our customers. Molek Lapidot design and marketing professionals work as a conceptual and development team alongside engineers, designers, contractors, and field staff, and dedicate resources to operate a professional and reliable service layout to create a friendly interface with the customer at all levels and at each stage. We have a large and varied product inventory at our warehouses so that we can give an appropriate and immediate solution to the requirements of customers in all sectors and throughout the country.

As part of our vision to give full and comprehensive service to our customers, we operate a supply layout that includes a fleet of distribution trucks that transports the products from the company’s warehouses to the customer’s warehouse and construction sites.

Molek Lapidot anticipates that the infrastructures field in the electricity, communications, and solar energy industries will continue to develop and present new challenges in the future. For us, this is a natural continuation to the creativity and conscientiousness that we are accustomed to. For us, the future is already here.